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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother and Father, postmarked 1922 March 15

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Dear M. + F.,

Wired you not to come. It would be foolish - besides which, you might increase my nervousness, if possible.

Mother, I won't need Miss Alice - I don't think. I haven't tried on any clothes yet - summer ones - but I am the same size as last yr. + wearing them, the same length, so I don't see what I need her for. However, I'll find time to [put] them [on] next [wk]. I think I would prefer having her in June - everything is so indefinite for vacation.

Mother, I can't do a history topic at Rome - I can do a [4] one at home, [tho], + I would like to do about [100 or cr] hrs. of Psych [oce] here. They close most of the dorms during vacation, + I don't know when they open them again (about coming back early). Wouldn't a Monday app'tment do, I could then Sunday. If not, I could have Friday P.M. for a Sat. app'tment if this won't do; I can have Thurs. 4:13 if necessary. Let me [know.] Love, Fannie


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Mrs. Marcus Aaron,
402 S. Winebiddle Ave.,
Pittsburgh, Pa.