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DeWitt, Nettie | to mother, Feb. 16, 1893:

VC Ex 1896
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February 16, 1893
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: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896010001
Vassar College.
Feb. 16. 1893.

My dearest Mother:-

Have just been to dinner and while I am waiting for the Chapel bell to ring will write you a few lines. There has not been much to write the past week as usual in the midst of the week. It is one round of work and ex. I am bound I'll make the most of life and so have decided to enjoy gyms, after this and since I have so decided I do. I work pretty well while in the gym. and then do enjoy the elegant bath which comes after oh so much. Tuesday as you know


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was valentine's day and a number of the girls wrote valentines and sent them to each other. I didn't have time myself. I had one, from Hatt W. I think. Will enclose it it is pretty cute, tho' I think It a pity H. has known me all these years and doesn't know the color of my eyes. The senior who had the most valentines received a prize. That evening at dinner the senior tables were all fixed up pretty, especially the first one, strewed with violets and a golden (paper) heart hung over it. The girls at Hatts table all came in with paper arrows fastened on them to look as tho' they were stuck thro' their hearts.


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896010003
last night we listened to a talk by Miss Jane Addams from Hull House Chicago, who told us of the work there. It was interesting especially to me as I looked up that work you know for my last essay. My essay at present is driving me to distraction, tho' you'd never think it to see me calm as a May morning (I do not mean to carry the comparison any farther), She and I sit down and giggle for sheer happiness tho' neither of us knows why we should. Neither of us have our essays done and she has a heap


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896010004
of lessons ahead and the dentist to interview Saturday Her dentist bill in town now is forty (40) dollars and she has to go two or three times more. Think of that. Oh, I had a little "good" on my french exercise this morning, It was not much but better than nothing - I think Mademoiselle wanted to encourage me a bit. Anyway I thought you'd be interested even in that small item. The most beautiful weather imaginable here for a day or two, except under foot - the walking has been dreadful. Mammy how soon are you going to send my box? I want to know. I want my algebra when you do. There's the bell so goodnight with heaps of love from Nett.

(Nettle (Brand) De Witt. ex-96,