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DeWitt, Nettie | to family, Apr. 20, 1893

VC Ex 1896
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April 20, 1893
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(Apr. 20, 1893]
Vassar College.

My dearest Mother:

You doubtless think it is about time that you rec'd a letter from me.. I think it is myself. There are so many little things to say I hardly know where to begin. I have been very busy this week, for Monday Nanand I went into town again and I always think that puts me behind a little with my work. I got excused from Gym's that day and we rode one way and walked out. It was a fine day and I enjoyed it so much. What do you think we did? Bought us some 12 ct. ginghams


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and are going to make them between dinner and chapel. We bought a pattern between us and are having a good deal of fun over them We have worked two nights and have
only the waists cut out not even the sleeves.

Perhaps after all I shall not lose my Huylers for I sent an invite and a note to Allen and he replied that he wanted to come very much and would if the people of the church where he sings do not repeat a concert in which he takes part, on the night of Founders. He will let me know tomorrow (Friday) I believe. I do hope he can come. Did I tell you that perhaps Fred will come too?


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Mrs. Potter is going to stay I guess and Mr. Potter wrote them to have Fred come here instead of Mrs Potter's going to Cornell Marcia told me about it and asked me if it wouldn't be all right etc. I said of course, and not to let Fred stay away on my account. She said if Allen came she could take Fred for her guest or if not I could have him or one or more dances with him etc. I haven't heard whether he is coming or not. Marcia said their plan was to have him come in time to go down the river on the boat to the review - Mrs. P. Fred Marcia and perhaps a "man". Miss Hogeboom, and Flo, another girl and me. Marcia asked me to


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896012004
go any way whether F. comes or not. I didn't know whether you would want me to or not. In case I should go I could not go to N. Y. till Saturday and then only have a day there, and in case Allen comes it would not be very pleasant to go off Saturday for usually the men stay over the day after Founders and come out to call. On the whole, as I really must go to N.Y I think this seems the best time to go for we have from Wed. afternoon till Sat. night. Do you not think it would be a good plan to write Elisa and see i! it would not be convenient to spend Wed. night and Thursday with her, and give up going down on the boat?


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Then I could have all Thursday to shop in or I could go down Thursday morning and stay over Thurs. night and come back here Friday morning. That would be plenty of
time to rest up lor Founders in the evening. Founders is Friday the 28th you know.

Later.- Since writing this early this morning I have seen Marcia and she has engaged me lor a dance with her man and with Fred if he comes. They have not heard as yet. I have also had a letter from Allen and he cant come. He says he is much disappointed and is going to try and get


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up here to call before the season is over. I am so sorry he can't come. But I can have one of Bessie's men If they both come. If Fred comes Marcia has planned a ride to Mohunk the next day. I think the more I think of it that the best thing for me to do is to go to N.Y. Thursday A.M- Don't you? Shall I write to Lisa and see if it will be convenient for me to stay with her?


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896012007
what is her address ? Rec'd yours and Clare's very nice letters this morning. No more time. Will drop a postal Saturday. Please send me some tape marked with my name. Love to you all.

Your very well Nett.

Wednesday Morning.
April 20, 1893

(Nettie (Brand) De Witt, ex-'96,)