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Sylvester, Helen (Seymour) | to father, Jan. 25, 1866:

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January 25, 1866
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Vassar College -
Jan 25th 1866.

My dear father
I received your letter to-day and it was so welcome
I thought it deserved an answer as soon as I could find time to write
one. So to-night I have finished my studies as they were not very
difficult to-day and have an hour to write in.
I suppose you want the complete history of the time that has
elapsed since I left home so I will try and do my best in giving it -
I rode all day very pleasantly to Albany and had a seat to myself as
there were very few in the cars. When I got to Albany I found them
awaiting me at the train


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and I passed a very pleasant visit there,
Sunday in some places in Albany the thermometer was 20 degrees below
zero and Monday and Teusday [sic] were so piercing cold that I was obliged
to stay. Wednesday the weather was a little warmer so Thursday morning I started in spite of everything and everybody- When I got to the
college I found our room so cold we could not sit in it yet and was very
glad I was not here In the worst of it. Since I came back I have taken
up a new study and am consequently very busy - To-day is the first day
since I came back that I could say I was sure of having time enough to
learn my lessons for the next day.


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very acceptable and will do quite well if letters cannot possibly be written. Tell James he is a magnificent correspondent. If his time lies heavy on his hands as it did when I was at home he can write a letter every day and feel none the worse.

You were so careful to keep from telling any news I expect your
next letter will be perfectly crammed, so do write soon and do'nt omit
anything on any account. About twenty of us think of taking a sleigh ride
to-morrow and of course expect ever so much fun. We have only had one opportunity for a ride since we came back before this there has been so little snow-

I am sorry the colored persons are so demoralized that they
cannot be reduced to order -


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The skating pond has been very pleasant. About one hundred girls skate and others are learning. Some of them skate beautifully. Gerty Frothingham of Rochester is the finest skate. She is just as much at home on skates as she is on her feet. She can cut any flourishes that any one can. The pond is kept cleaned off and a man is usually down at the pond to assist in putting on skates &c - They have been cutting ice for the ice house. It Is about a foot thick and very clear. Mr Vassar's nephew the Secretary was down on
the ice the other day for a while- He is a very good skater - I have but
a few minutes longer to write and must hurry-

The Brockport Papers were


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The second night we went to hear "Blind Tom" the pianist Mr Weaver went to Mr Rice's next door and asked Miss Conklln from Elmira visiting there and Mr and Mrs Rice to go. I walked down with Mr & Mrs Rice and Mr Rice said he hardly thought he should be dragged into hearing "Blind Tom." He is a brother of Gen. Rice and a very strong democrat. But he was very much surprised to see what the drake could do, and said he did not believe he was nearly an idiot as was represented but was a very smart nigger and not blind either. My time is more than passed for closing and so I must close abruptly. Give my love to Mother and Henry and James and tell Henry I think we have some


: VCLLettersSylvesterHelen18651866016006
business to settle and I wish he would write. I will write every Saturday if you will and answer anyone who writes.
Your affectionate daughter Helen