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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother, 1919 February 26

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Dear Mother,

Father and I played eighteen holes this morning. I did not play well, but I had a good time anyhow. We played No2 course, the hardest one here. There is a trap to catch every shot that is not absolutely straight, and I do not think that I missed more than two of them. I had good use and good practice with the niblick that Father bought me today. It is the one and only one thing in my game that I improved today.

I went to bed before lunch, and although I do not think that I slept, I had a peachy [sleep] rest.

This afternoon we are doing absolutely nothing, strange as it may seem. I guess we'll go over to the links and practice putting for a while.

Mrs. Brumbaugh guessed my age at eighteen last night, the daughter of the man with them guessed fourteen, and Mr. Brumbaugh guessed sixteen.


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It is a beautiful, warm, sunny, day. It is almost a shame not to have a real game, but we are taking your advice not to overdo it.

Otherwise there is nothing to tell you. Father is sleeping.

Have you finished the famous book yet?

Gov. Brumbaugh drove a skyscraper ball yesterday, and the man with him said, "Fore, Lord". Get the point?


Feb. 26, 1919