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MacCoy, Marjorie Newell | to Family, 11 October 1908

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October 11, 1908

Dear Folks:-

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It is a splendid sun-shiny Sunday, and in a little while a whole bunch of us are going for a walk but now I will sit me down and write to you.
Friday, of course, was Senior [Parlor] Opening, and it was just wonderful. The wildest excitement prevailed all day, and all the Sophomores wore [smiles] of the broadest variety. Everybody was very [flossy], and I never saw so many pretty frocks. In the evening, when the faculty came, I helped serve - with several


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other Sophomores, and we had the best time ever. At half past nine, just when I think the reception is dragging a little, almost all our class, headed by Laura, crept up the [firewall] stairs by S.P. and all of a sudden began to serenade 1909. There was a minute of silence when we started in, and there you ought to have seen the Seniors [spill] out of their parlor and stand around listening. Of course they sang to us, too, and when it was time for us to go, we all began “Hip, hip, hurray we’ll sing till [unreadable] of day,” and trotted off, singing all the way. The Seniors were crazy about it. After the party was


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all over, Edith [unreadable] had some ice cream waiting for us who had served, and we stood behind the screen and guzzled to the intense jealousy of all the Seniors who had not gone and who assembled around the base of supplies waiting for “left-overs,” only to be met with the [stern] orders: “There’s nothing left for you, run to bed.” When I came back, I found 1910 had been giving a party to 1912 (!) and there being much cider - called by Mrs. K’s orders apple juice left over. I was pressed into service to help eat it up!
    Yesterday Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler were here just for a little while. Mrs. Wheeler was as beautiful


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as ever, and you would be amused to see how much Lilias is like her father. Mrs. Wheeler brought me the most beautiful bouquet of lilies of the valley and purple orchids which I wore to church this morning, to the [intense] envy and curiosity of all my friends! This morning Grace [Speir] came to breakfast in the room, and I turned out to be a [boss] cook, for I [creamed] chicken for the first time in my life, and it wasn’t the least bit lumpy! I am very proud of myself. After chapel Cody [Edgcomb] took me to Senior Parlor, to hear the music. This evening, if you please, I am going down


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to the Inn for supper with Katherine Baugh. Isn’t she cute to take me? 
    These next weeks seem so full of all sorts of excitement that we are just [bustling] all the time. The work is getting settled [down] into a smooth groove and everything is joyful. I hope you’re having as splendid weather as we are. The colors are perfectly gorgeous. 
    If you haven’t done anything about the [chafing] dish yet, don’t bother, for Mrs. Wheeler says she’ll send us one.
    As Ever Lovingly


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Postmark: Poughkeepsie OCT 12 10AM 1908 NY

Dr. Alexander W. MacCoy
Mrs. William P. Logan
    Overbrook Ave. and 58th St.