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Eldridge, Muriel (Tilden) | to Mother, 4 June 1913

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[June 4, 1913]

203 Joselyn Hall
Vassar College

Dearest Mother - 
    Never in all my days, have I been gladder to get three letters than those from you and the children, but my goodness! They made me want to see you all. I immediately and without hesitation took the check to the treasurer’s office and since they having been


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paying up for things madly - my! but little things do count up fast and no mistake.
    Before I forget it, I’ll tell you about leaving. I have my last examination today, Wednesday, June 4, but on account of being in the choir I have to stay over Sunday for Baccalaureate Service. DMP is in the choir, too, so we’ll stay together.  Then Thursday instead of taking the excess fare train here, we will leave old Poughkeepsie on an earlier train, the 11:51, arriving in Albany at 1:30 - the excess fare train to which we change at Albany leaves about 1:43, but by so changing we save $5 as no excess is charged beyond Albany. That brings us in Chicago at the 43rd


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st., Michigan Central Station about eight o’clock. We will then go directly to D.M.P.s for breakfast which is but a few blocks away.  Mrs. Fred C. Parker’s address is 4343 Oakenwald Avenue - I’m not sure whether it’s West End not. But somehow I have a feeling it is. Anyway as I said it’s not far from


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the 43rd st. Station.
    Please ‘scuse, if this letter gets maudlin-sounding. Yesterday a.m. I arose at the ungodly hour of 4:30, and not much later this a.m. so I’m not responsible for slight lapses in sensibilities now and then.


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As to the use of the mandarin coat, the girls use them as evening coats here, for the day of the cape seems to have passed.  I think I shall have my tan cape made into a beetle-coat, you know the kind - I’m not sure what the real name of them is, but they certainly look like beetles. There’s loads of perfectly good cloth in it - all it needs is cleaning.
    If you think it inadvisable in view of your plans to go to Chicago after all, telegraph me - the ticket is redeemable, and I have had several invitations to visit here in the East, that I could accept for a few days,


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Gladys Lyall, Grace Harvey, Kitty Krick, etc, etc. or I stay at the Settlement House in N.Y. with Ruth Reed.  That’s where she’s going to stay until the Silver Bay Convention June 20-30. The board is $6.00 per week and the work most interesting. I’m not sure I won’t do some


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thing there myself in 1914.  It depends largely on how other things work out. 
    I think I have passed very good exams so far - wouldn't it be a come-down to find out I’ve flunked, when I think I handed in A papers? I am sending


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you the House San. paper just for interest’s sake. Merciful goodness! I could almost have passed that easy a paper without attending a single lecture I think.
    I sent Miss Chittendon a card saying I would like very much to try the honor of the Baccalaureate concerto, and now I think I’ll see Ruth Nash, 1913, who is chairman of the Maid’s Club House committee, and tell her I’d rather not take chairman of the Dramatics then, as I need the time for other things. She’ll probably think I’m a quitter, but I don’t care much if she does.


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A week ago today I went to West Point with Grace Harvey. We were going the Saturday before to a base ball game, but it poured vigorously so we didn’t. There was to be a game on Wednesday, too, so we decided we’d go down there. It rained in the a.m. but towards noon


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it cleared off and we decided we’d risk it. No sooner had we boarded the train than it began to teem, and it poured all the rest of the day. There was no game, but we went up to Mrs. W.H. Tschappat’s house (graces’ family knows both Colonel


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and Mrs. Tschappat very well. I met General and Mrs. McCrea, Mrs. Tschappat’s father and mother-in-law when I was at Grace’s) and she had tea for us. A couple of cadets came in for the afternoon and we played the phonograph and danced. We had a very swell time. West Point certainly is a beautiful place - in spite of the gray old day, It’s loveliness was most apparent. I’ve alwasy wanted to go down, especially for a Hop, and I think probably Jeannette [Roenighk], Ruth Reed’s room-mate, will take us down for one next year. Here’s a vigorous hope-so anyway.


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There, I hope I’ve said all you wanted to know, and thanked you seven times [......] for the check and the [corning] mandarin. Tell the children I’m pretty near worn [freyes] on their letters reading them - 
All the love there is, from

Wednesday a.m. June 4, before breakfast


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[typed letter on The American Institute of Applied Music, The Metropolitan College of Music, New York letterhead]

June 2, 1913

Miss Muriel Tilden
    Vassar College
        Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

My dear Miss Tilden:
    I am assigning the concerto’s for next year’s Baccalaureate Sunday. There are more girls than usual in the 1914 class, who are capable of competing for the position on the program.
    I am going to college next Thursday afternoon and can take the music up to you if you wish to study the work. The two movements that I have selected are exceptionally beautiful, Schumann Opus 54 and the Mendelssch[sic] D minor concertos.
    Will you kindly return the enclosed card immediately signing whichever decision you make in order that I may take the music to you on Thursday. The cost of the music will be some-where between thirty-five and fifty cents. I cannot tell exactly until I buy it.
    Believe me
        Yours very truly,
            Kate S. Chittendon


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4 11 00 AM

Please forward at once

Mrs. B.O. Tilden
105 West 40th St.
New York City

Tilden Bldg