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Ladd, Jennie A. | to aunt, May 1873:

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May 11, 1873
VC Ex 1876

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: VCLLettersLaddJennieA1876004001
Vassar College.
May 11, 1873.
My dear Aunt Lee,
I confess that I have been very bad Indeed not to have
answered youi nice letter before.
I will not make any excuses but will promise you a speedy reply
if you will write to me again.
I was very sorry to hear from Julie of your accident It must be
so stupid not to be able to walk


: VCLLettersLaddJennieA1876004002
even for a short time. I hope you will
soon entirely recover.
I suppose Julie has written to you about Founder's Day. Did you
see the account of it in the Sun? It was very flattering to the College,
calling each rcorr a boudoir of beauty.
Saturday evening the Freshmen had a Sociable in Society Hall.
The committee carried over a great many pictures and baskets and
arranged them very prettily in the room. They had a number of charades


: VCLLettersLaddJennieA1876004003
some of which were very good. The class is going to give a dramatic
entertainment next month. I expect it will be very fine.
I don't think I have grown tall either in inches or in scholarship
but I have grown in breadth, much to my sorrow.
It doesn't seem possible that there are only six more weeks of
school. I am very glad, however, for I am so laay in warm weather.
Have you heard of the death of my


: VCLLettersLaddJennieA1876004006

grandmother Ladd? She died about two weeks ago. I didn't know that she was sick until a few days before her death. Kittle went to Portsmouth and on her return I believe she is going to stop a few days in Boston to consult an oculist about her eyes.  I think they must trouble her a good deal. I have been drawing Julie's picture and she has been drawing mine this afternoon. They are both excellent likenesses. Please give my lovi to Uncle Marshal and Carrie and please write to me soon. Your affec. niece Jennie Ladd Jennle A. Ladd, ex-