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Barnes, Lucy | to parents, Mar. 17, 1872:

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March 17, 1872
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Vassar College.
March 17. 1872.

My dear Parents,

Daily here I look for a letter from you in answer to my inquiries about going home, but have been thus far disappointed, however by this time next week I suppose all matters will be settled and I will be in great excitement, with the hopes of starting for 3300 the following Wednesday. And when I get there I have some thing to ask you which I could not think of putting on paper for I dont


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think I can write with nearly so much effect. This last word puts me in mind of an Essay I wrote yesterday and which as been distressing me for the longest while, (viz) What kind of prose composition has the most effect upon man kind & Why. I took fiction because most read- I dont know how this will coincide with your ideas upon the subject.

On Friday evening of this week as we had a lecture from Mr. Parsons - on Michael Angelo [Michelangelo], Chapter Beta would not be able to give her long looked for "swell" Opera of "The Doctor of Alcantara" (which if you


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remember we heard at the 7th Street Theatre by Mr Gilchrist and Bishop) So this Chapter asked the Sophomore if they would be willing to have a Candy pull in the Steward's Department the next night instead of their usual sociable so that the wonderful opera might have the Hall. This the Sophs agreed upon and so Beta flourished, never was the Hall so full in fact packed. I sat about in the middle of the room and so tightly packed that I could hardly stir- when Lizzie asked me how I should feel if there should be a fire imagine my comfort. All the invited guests and not the admitted without their


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tickets- All the profs, every teacher together with the Pres & lady [principal] were present. The principal performers were greatly applauded and were showed with flowers from the audience — This Opera- cannot not be compared with our Drama The Lady of Lyons - being so entirely different. Neither could they have been vice versa for Beta has the Singers and Alpha - excels in dramatic tallent.—— Do tell Aunt Pattie for me that I intended writing to her to day but find it now impossible so that I will have the pleasure of seeing her before my next letter
With love to all believe me
Aff- Daughter Lucy


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March 17th, 1872
Lucy Sellers

Re an Essay on what kind of prose has the greatest effect on mankind