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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother and Father, 1923 February 21

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Feb. 21, 1923.

Dear Mother + Father:

I'm terribly sorry about the telegram - I don't know how I forgot, unless it was that the nurses were very busy this morn-ing, and they telephone the message over to Main. Probably not seeing them around made me forget. I gave the message to the Metcalfe nurse to send at 4:30 + she didn't send it till she went to supper. I guess our messages crossed.

I came over here at 11 AM. + read in the sunparlor. I read. "Perfect Behavior" + I think Marse's cracked. I never laughed so over


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a book. Parts of it are choice.

After lunch the 4 recuperating patients played bridge, - the [ability] of the other 3 may be judged by the fact that I played as well as they did!

Then Dr. T. sent us out for a walk in the sun. That lasted about 20 minutes + then I came back here + went to bed from 4:30 to 6:30. Am no sitting up in my room, a double with another girl. It is much better than being in the ward with the new cases that are constantly coming in, I think. I told Dr. T. this evening I was very grateful to her for letting me stay here, + told her how weak I am. She just got over it herself so she knows. The assistant, Dr. Bingham, just got better, too.

I think we've had "flu.' I don't know the diff. between it +


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grippe, but it makes me feel much more important. I hear one has no pains with flu + that it leaves one terribly weak, so we'll call it flu!

I still haven't the pep to do any work, but I'm worrying remarkably little about it. It can't be helped, + that is all.

The only regret I have is that I didn't go home with Helen Thursday night. I was terribly tempted to, because I was feel-ing so listless. At least I could have gotten better on appetizing food.

I am missing [Manby] O. Hudson on "Peace" tonight. It


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breaks my heart. And I was dying to hear [Lewisher] Monday night. Why do the good things come when I'm sick?

I don't know anything else.

Father - for Pete's sake - stop worrying. I'm just as anxious to get well + not have a relapse as you, so ease your mind about that. I'm being extra, extra careful, as my asking not to be discharged shows. I hadn't had [fever] for 2 days before I got up. + then the 1st day I was only up for one hr. My cough is much better. -al-most all night. All I lack now is strength. STOP WORRYING - you're a fine one to kid me about it!