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DeWitt, Nettie | to father, Oct. 7, 1892

VC Ex 1896

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October 7, 1892
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Oct. 7, 1892.

Vassar College.

My dear Papa:-

Your note came today and one from Mamma, both very acceptable, as was also the enclosed check. I will try to make it go a long ways, just how far I will succeed remains to be seen. I was glad to see by your note that my long letter was received for when Mamma wrote you had heard nothing from me in some time and I fear she had been worrying some though she need never do that, for if we feel the least bit ill we can always go to our nice doctor and be cured


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up. Sometimes they put girls in the Infirmary when they only need a little rest. But don't be alarmed- I have not been obliged to resort to either doctor or Infirmary as yet and do not anticipate anything of the kind, nor need you. I was very glad to hear you are all well, and I only hope you can keep so.

To-night there is a reception given by the Young Women's Christian Association to the new girls and I am waiting this minute for my escort to arrive. She is Miss Edith McDaniels, a Senior and seems a very nice girl- She is one of Harriett Wood's friends- The reception is to


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be held in the Gymnasium and later we will dance in Philalethean Hall, which is up stairs over the gym. I will write a long letter to Mamma on Sunday and tell you all the news. I rec'd a letter from Cousin Rebecca to-day, and tho' she said she would write to Mamma I think I will enclose it. I don't expect you will write long letters but I hope you will write me once in a while. Tho' I send most of my letters to Mamma I know you all
have the benefit of them.

With a great deal of love for all.

Yours lovingly Nett.
Oct 7- 1892.

(Nettie (Brand) De Witt, ex-'96,