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Barnes, Lucy | to parents, May 12, 1872:

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May 12, 1872
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Vassar, May 12. 1872
Sunday Afternoon.

My dear Parents,

Since my last letter we have had a very great change in the weather so that instead of having Chapel immediately after supper, we are given 3/4 of hour to walk. It is such a delightful time that every body sets out and it is a beautiful sight to see the ground covered with so many persons all in their light dress, for we cannot stand thick ones any longer The first part of last week it was announced to the Seniors and Juniors, that there was


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party from the College invited to Lake Mohunk to stay from Friday until Monday and that they could all go if they wished. Very few declined the invitation. It cost only $ 1.50. They were to go in waggons which hold eighteen and Mr. Campbell was to take our provisions as there was not any arrangements^made for it. All were expecting to have a most delightful time — but owing ^to [crossed out: the] the long absence of rain the roads were very dusty and the President thought it best to post pone the visit until Friday of this week which is not so pleasant for the Sophmores and Freshmen as they in consequence are disappointed in their visit


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to the same place — which will now not come off for two weeks Dont you think it will be splendid for us?

Last night Alice Wetmore read her Senior essay before the chapel, it was quite good* she was dreadfully frightened of course but got through very nicely. After silent time that same evening Chapter Delta had an entertainment in Society Hall "Twelfth Knight" which was very fully attended and a great success. The other day Miss Terry announced that all the young ladies who wanted company Commencement must put their names in the box tomorrow but that the number is limited we being able to invite only two Class


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Day - & only our Parents commencement day, so if Howard comes it will be on the risk but I guess you can get him smuggled in - for he isnt very large. Yesterday I got the loveliest book — entitled Within and Without - sent by express from New York - It is all marked in different parts and without any name I rather think it is from Aunt Potter for it looked like her hand writing. I wish you would ask if it is she for it would be very embarassing if I should write and thank her for some body elses present It has some perfectly beautiful parts much too pretty to be enjoyed unthanked Please also ask Aunty if she... (incomplete,

[Lucy (Sellers) Barnes, '75]