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[unknown], Emma | to Dell, Oct. 1868:

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October 18, 1868

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Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Oct. 18^th 1868
My Darling Dell.

This is the second letter I have written without hearing from you but as the enclosed ought to have been sent long ago will call it all square for I know when you do write it will be a good long one I am very anxious-for its arrival. I suppose it is all over with ere this. It does not seem possible that time has slipped away to that. O Dell I can't find words to express my congratulations, but you may rest


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assured that you ^both will have always my best wishes for your happiness & that you may enjoy a long & pleasant life, in your new home & relations. Now if I was at home [crossed out:now] Mother would have to tell me what to say and perhaps it would be more [crossed out:to] expressive, but as I am not there I shall have to depend upon myself more as you will perceive no doubt from the foregoing effusion. This week I had seven letters, six from Seneca, & one from Chit, two from home & one from Lois, Alma, Jennie C. & the blue dress[crossed out: ed] Jennie. I should rather they would come with longer intervals from the same place. Lois said that her aunt was Niagra about the 1st of Oct. several bridal parties were there spending their honeymoons, supposed Mr & Mrs Simone were among them. There is nothing going on much at Seneca except Campagn


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meetings. The Republicans had a meeting where all the States were represented by young ladies mostly Factory girls, Mother wrote. It created quite a sensation. The Dem. paper railed about a considerably. Oh what do you think Nat. B. has got a Certif for teaching school* What a fascinating teacher he will make? They had a Fair at Waterloo & Johnnie went one afternoon Lois said she was there & came home in the same car -so you see he was in very good care She said he was flourishing as well as could be expected without a sister. I like it down here pretty well for the last two or three evenings we have just "come to our senses" in our room & one or two neighboring rooms, we have "table moving & rapping", Planchette quite a Spiritualistic Set we have lots of fun, after study hour you know. Our Corridor teacher came to our door twice in one evening, we have


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20 min silent time, after breakfast & supper well one evening, two of our girls were talking when the teacher came & they send for their rooms pretty quick then when the ten o'clock bell rings every light must be out. one of the girls was just turning hers out when there came a tap on her window. I guess there was some giggling after she ^teacher had subsided we can hear her go snooping along every night to see if we obey the rules. I think we had better behave ourselves or she will have a poor opinion of No 80. Oh there is a girl here a Miss Mason that looks very much like your brother ("that used to was."). She Is a real carry on too I guess. There are a good many chestnuts around the College & we go out & get them, of course. Yesterday, two men poled the trees for a lot of us girls & such a scrambling you never saw. We got about 3 qts. I guess four of us girls. We roasted some last night over the gas they were real good too & we have been eating morning. sitting round the table. niting[sp:knitting?] eating & talking like school-girls generally-do.But when Christmas comes, what a time there will be everyone is looking forward with "great Expectations" we count the days & weeks, nine weeks from next Wednesday. I must close for my sheet is scribbled full


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Ever your affec. F. Emma.


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I shall direct this as formerly, till I hear from you, for I suppose you are out West enjoying yourself exceedingly. This tatting is made of coarse thread as that spool gave out just in time to finish the two yds.

That Miss. Hood in my S. School class is dead. she was sister of that librarian that you took such a fancy to She died of heart disease. she was a very nice young lady.