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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother and Father, postmarked 1921 May 2

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n.d. [postmarked 1921-05-02]

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Dear Mother + Father:

[Send] Pauline the flowers. My cards are in the right-hand dresser drawer in my room in a little box in a glove box. It looks as though all of the crowd who are home are [aides] - perhaps I'd have been [one of] the unlucky ones if I had been home.

What shoudl I give to the Pea-body subscription. R.S.V.P.

The pills came from Welsh's special last week. Two were in-effective - three worked. I had Dr. [Zugsmith's] prescription filled. It is marked to take one. It does not work. I am having one dickens of a time. I'll be glad when college is over and I can do something about it.

We didn't do anything in particu-lar yesterday. Edith [Lowman] was to take Henrietta + me to breakfast, but H. persuaded me to stay in bed + she went with Edith. Then H. came back + read the paper. Meanwhile Jo Marple + I spent 2 hours working out the bank statement that had to be handed in to-day. Lucy, H., + I had dinner together at the Lodge. H. slept with me Sat. night. B. [Bagy] was away for the week-end, so we put her bed in my room. Our beds here are much more mobile at home. We all loafed together yesterday after-noon, showed H. the few things she hadn't seen, and then it was time for her to go. Inasmuch as Lucy was going to the station anyhow, + since I have [been]


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feeling punk, I [les] them persuade me not to go down. I spent the evening studying for my Spanish written. (It was fiendish - she gave all the things nobody had studied)

If Henrrietta enjoyed the visit as much as I enjoyed having her, we are square. It's a shame she wasted her good brain and character on Pitt!

I forgot to say that H. and I went to the French play Sat. night. It was great, particularly Jo Marple, who was the hero. Next year when tryouts evening come. I'll drink coffee instead of going to bed.

I did not chase my head off when Henri-etta was here, but still I haven't gotten over the backward spell. I have very acute pain when I go to the toilet, and pretty bad other times. Dr. B. gave me the medicine to take that I took last year before D. [Saues] sent me his. I hope it will get better soon.