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Bates, Sarah | to Isabel Treadwell, Dec. 1867:

VC 1868
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December 12, 1867
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Vassar College.
Poughkeepsie N.Y.
Dec. 12, 1867.
My Dear Belle.
It is a shame — I can but acknowledge that, but
yet it has not been without excuse, though I will not stop now to
bring forward the hundred good reasons why we have neglected your
welcome letter received in Oct., and your kind invitation of last week.
As I have but a few moments to write, I will come directly to "the
point" in answer to your last. It would be exceedingly pleasant to
visit you at the vacation (in fact I think we have remarked a dozen
times since receiving the invitation, "how nice it would be to see
Belle") but I think it


: VCLLettersBatesSarah1868004003
will be quite impossible for both of us to do so.
It is even somewhat doubtful with respect to myself, as to going away
from the college at all. I resolved to stay, in order to accomplish
the extra work on hand, but am beginning to think I shall stay behind
the others but a day or two. But Aubumdale must remain as a future
happiness, Louise also will not find it practicable to make you a visit
now, - so I'm afraid the "admiration society" will have to postpone its
meeting. I shall surely write to you in vacation - a good long letter.
Please excuse haste now, and receive many thanks, and very very*
much love from