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Fitt, Harriet (Bradley) — to father, April 1, 1910

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01 Apr 1910

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Washington Ap 1 - 1910

Thursday night

Dear Father.

Hoped to hear from home today any way, but I suppose you have both been too busy to write.

Clochette and I have been having the best of times. Tuesday we went to Mount Vernon, and to the monument. The crowds are bad and the weather hot, so the sightseeing has not been


: VCL_Letters_Fitt-Harriet-Bradley_1910-04-01_068_003_004_002
unmixed pleasure, but I have been awfully glad to see the things. Yesterday we went to the Library, and I should never get tired of that. To me the building is perfect in every detail, and it all is most harmonious and satisfying.

In the afternoon we saw Marie Tempest in Penelope - an attractive and clever little play. She is charming, so


: VCL_Letters_Fitt-Harriet-Bradley_1910-04-01_068_003_004_003
we enjoyed that. I had telephoned Mrs. Baker before, and she asked me to come out to dinner last night. I had a lovely satisfactory visit with them. Mrs. B. seems well, and is the same as ever. I hardly knew the colonel as well, but I got used to him. A Capt. Ross who knew you in Manila was staying with them - He has recently purchased a little three-seated machine. After dinner he took Col. Baker and me for a drive and brought me home. The Bakers sent the [crossed out: loveli] most friendly messages to you both.

This afternoon Clo gave me a bridge party and I had a wonderful time. [Connie?] took the


: VCL_Letters_Fitt-Harriet-Bradley_1910-04-01_068_003_004_004
prize at our table, and I was only ten points behind. Katherine [Leech?] came in later. She is a girl I met Thanksgiving time --- the one who goes to Annapolis with Judge. I like her very much and am glad she came.

Miss [] has not called yet, but I shall meet her Sunday any way. I forgot


: VCL_Letters_Fitt-Harriet-Bradley_1910-04-01_068_003_004_005
to say that Clo and I went to a tea Thursday where we found Arthur Ferguson. I do not remember anyone I met there and was glad to [corner?] Arthur. He asked to call, but also has come.

I had a nice note from Judge yesterday, and a letter from Doss.

Clochette and I have made great plans for the


: VCL_Letters_Fitt-Harriet-Bradley_1910-04-01_068_003_004_006
sixteenth. She has promised to come up to college Friday, and we shall go to West Point together for the hop Saturday. She is going with Dana Palmer, a brother-in-law, and I have written Harry Lewis. We can go with one of the college parties. Friday afternoon I shall give her a little tea to meet the girls. I am so glad she can come, for I like her immensely.

I have an awful fever blister on my mouth, which I hope will disappear before Saturday.

Tomorrow night we are going to the opera -- my first. I am prepared to enjoy it. It is in French, so I shall understand a little.

Most lovingly,

Clochette says to give you her love.