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Sylvester, Helen (Seymour) | to mother, Dec. 10, 1865:

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December 10, 1865
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Dec 10th 1865

My dear Mother

I suppose you have received my letter announcing my intention to spend the holidays at home. I have waited and waited for news from home but have not had a letter in more than two weeks, and am homesick and afraid there is something the matter because you don't write. Wont you please ask father to send me some money to come home with? I am afraid he has forgotten that I will need some. And I would like about five more to get a hat. I have had my feather dyed green in New York. It was very much faded. How is James? I have been afraid he was very sick for I have not heard from him in five


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weeks. We had a very good time here Thanksgiving — considering. We all
concluded to stay, mostly because we did not believe we could get permission to go away. Our old french teacher in Utica is teaching in Poughkeepsie and came up here to see us last Saturday. I shall not care if the house is not in order when I come home, but I want to come - awfully. I'shall start either Wednesday night or Thursday morning- I have not found out about the trains yet, but am coming on a train that will go through without changing to Rochester. I was afraid to stay in New York longer than Tuesday for fear Miss Lyman would scold and I could not get anything out of Henry about home. I have not very much to write about. On Thanksgiving day we had a very good dinner. All the Vassars were here to dinner. We had Tableaux in the evening,


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some by Madame Castina and others by the teachers. We passed part of the day pleasantly, but by fits and starts we were homesick, and thought of home a good deal and that made it seem rather forlorn. Are you well still? I should think you would need some help in your work. I hope Henry will come home before Christmas. All the Rochester girls are going home and Emma Helmer and her friend from Lockport are
going too. Has James gone back to Rochester yet? I have not received the letter he promised me. I cannot find anything of interest to tell you so I will close with love to father & James.

Your affectionate daughter
Helen Seymour