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Houts, Annie | to John Houts, Jun. 1869:

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June 04, 1869
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: VCLLettersHoutsAnnie1869028001
Vassar Colleger June 4/69*
My dear Brother,
yours of May 26th. came duly to hand and I was very
glad Indeed to hear from you once more, although the letter was the barrier
of such unwelcome news as that you should probably not come. I am very
sorry, for I want you with me, and I want you to see the College. I want
you to see my friends here* I want you to see Prof. Farrer and Prof. Backus.
X know you


: VCLLettersHoutsAnnie1869028002
would be very much pleased with them and Miss Fessenden and
Susie W right • but, 1 suppose It is unavoidable. I am somewhat perplexed
by your mention of some particular, unmentionable reasons why I should
steer directly for Portsmouth, after Commencement. I am willing howevar
to take such reasons on faith; but will only ask would not the purposes be
equally answered If 1 came later in the summer? I find myself in quite an
awkward situation in regard to the summer. I want to go to Milwaukee, to
Portsmouth and am also desirous of visiting some of my College friends.
If this latter is accomplished it must be in the first of the summer. Two of
my friends who


: VCLLettersHoutsAnnie1869028003
live in Delaware have Invited three of us from the College to
visit them, Just after Commencement. They have had this planned for some
time, and it seems too bad to disappoint them all* Then one of my best
friends, to whom I have been promlofag a visit these two years, and had
thought I would give it this summer, -Sh* lives In Auburn, N.T. and will be
away from home the latter part of the summer, so if I visit her at all I must
visit her not long after Commencement. 1 wanted too, if possible to go with
George and Aunt Mary, for I don't think the little fellow would be happy
without her, to some cooler region than


: VCLLettersHoutsAnnie1869028004
Southern Ohio, during the hottest
part of the summer. I had hoped perhaps they might come on here in June,
and then we might go to New Hampshire or up here in the Catskills for a few
weeks* I askec Carlos about it and he was to write me soon about it. Since
that time, about a .month ago, I have not heard a word from him. I hope he
will come on, any way. Now you see how perplexed I am about the summer,
and if you can help me out any, I shall certainly be very much obliged. You
and George and Carlos come first. I must visit you, whether I visit anyone
else or not. X am 30 glad to hear that George is well, and I hope he may
keep his good health during the summer.


: VCLLettersHoutsAnnie1869028005
to partake of a strawberry supper, which one
of our number has provided. The road is very pleasant, shaded all the way
by splendid, great trees on either side, with beautiful residences all along.
and pretty pictures of broad valleys, across the river the Highlands and
still farther off the Cat skills, blue in the distance and occasionally a gleam
and flash of the river. Last Saturday night the German Department gave an
entertainment, all in German* There were scenes from dramas of Schiller
and Faust, and from two comedies. I represented Queen Elizabeth in a
scene from Schiller's Marie Stuart.


: VCLLettersHoutsAnnie1869028006
Every one was very much pleased with
the entertainment. But you must be tired of College news. I wish I could
see you, and look at you and hear you talk. It would do me good. Do come
if you possibly can.
Today is my birthday. Do you realize that I am twenty one? But T
must bid you good-bye. Please write me soon again. I hope you are well
and will continue so. You have my most earnest prayers and love.
Your Sister,
lAnnle (Glidden) Houts, '69
P.S. I sent you a Vassar Transcript ic invitation to Commencement &c.
yesterday. The cards for Class Day have not yet come. I will send you one
Enclosed find a programme of Commencement week.