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Eaton, Esther — to Miss Shipp, April 27, 1905

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27 Apr 1905

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April 27th

My dear Miss Shipp:

Last Saturday there appeared very mysteriously upon my desk a pretty green book entitled "The Digressions of Polly". Within it was a card bearing the name - "Miss Shipp". I flew down to Peggy to thank her for the Easter gift


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but she gently reminded me that she is [underlined: not] Miss Shipp! I must beg your pardon for doing you that slight but you will agree that it was a natural mistake since Peg [underlined: is] Miss Shipp [underlined: here] and then - why should I dream of an Easter gift from Peg's sister?

It is charming of you to remember Peg's friends this way -


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and I am doubly fortunate in being counted among Peg’s best friends - The greatest comfort about knowing and loving Peg is that I don’t continually have to be thinking “after June I may never meet her again” as I do with the other girls - For we live so near that we are counting on an interchange of visits, but I want to bespeak the [underlined: first] visit from Peggy to [underlined: my] home - [underlined: now]!


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I have enjoyed “Polly’s Digressions” immensely - and what a delicious book for a lazy summer afternoon and a hammock - I have read half but am jealously keeping the rest until such a time.

I hope you [underlined: are] coming on to Commencement! I want so much to meet the donor of my dainty book and the “Sister” of whom I have heard such beautiful things. Besides - I have met Mrs. Snow - you know - and Ruth Underhill lives next door to me - so I [underlined: know] some things!

Thanking you I am very sincerely

Esther Eaton


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Miss Shipp