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Vassar College Student Letters

The Student Letters collection contains letters from Vassar students primarily during the nineteenth century. The letters were written by students to family, friends, and Vassar faculty, with some letters received by students from family and friends, concerning life at Vassar, their studies, social events, and family affairs; students include Ruth Adams, 1900-1904; Grace Louise Fletcher Chase, 1907-1916; Muriel Tilden Eldridge, 1911-1914; Roberta T. Johns, 1901-1903; Marjorie Newell MacCoy, 1907-1910; Sybil Huntington May, 1911-1922; Alice Thurston McGirr, 1902-1906; Margaret M. Shipp, 1901-1911; Laura A. Skinner, correspondence with Frances M. Bromley, 1876-1882; Sidney Lewis Smith, 1902-1906; Fanny Simpson Townsend, 1898-1903; and Gertrude C. Valentine, 1908-1911. A finding aid is available for this collection.
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