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Fitt, Harriet (Bradley) — to mother, February 18, 1910

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18 Feb 1910

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Feb 18 - 10

Vassar College

Dear Mother,

Such a mushy, slushy day! The walks are three inches deep in sleet, but it is better than snow.

A fancy dancing class for freshmen is being organized. Heretofore only juniors and seniors have had it.Of course I am going.

Tonight is the first meeting of the [F. D.?] dance committee. I did not know how glad I was going to be that I am


: VCL_Letters_Fitt-Harriet-Bradley_1910-02-18_068_003_018_002
to be on it -- Class bell again, this time -- History.

I had a very nice letter from Billy Rafferty this week. He wants me to come to the hop on March 5, the first [plebe?] hop, and also to the fencing inter collegiate in New York next week. That is Third Hall Play, so of course I would not want to anyway. What do you think about the hop?


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Nine-o’clock - after committee meeting.
It is truly wonderful, and I am more than glad to be on it. The girls are interesting, intelligent, original, enthusiastic. Of course the freshman members have practically no responsibility. My sub-committee is decorations. Cherry blossoms are the thing which appeal just now, with a great deal of [...] wor[t?] and smilax. The dance is given in the Main dining room, and there are many problems - gas lights, and so forth, restricted funds -- which we have to meet: and I love it. Just now the business in hand is canvassing to find who are to be here. The date is April 29 - not May - which at first gave me a fright. Mother, this may not mean much in a way, but it does in another -- I am in, I am doing something which is part of the


: VCL_Letters_Fitt-Harriet-Bradley_1910-02-18_068_003_018_004
whole college interest, and makes me feel that I really belong.

Last night Isabel [Beaver?] and Ruth Washburn gave a very pretty dinner at the Inn for eight. We had good things to eat and the girls were congenial.

Doss will probably be out Saturday or Sunday. She has been very miserable and is not yet what might be called in the bloom of health.


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We have not had any skating weather for a week, which is discouraging. I have become so accustomed to substituting it for gym that I shall find myself burdened with a number of unsubstantiated cuts soon.

We have been reseated in chapel -- which moves me one pew forward, where I do not seem to be able to hear much better than before.


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I should like the blue dress when it is ready. May we have the cherry blossoms to help out, if they are decided upon?

The check for the college arrived safely, but I have not handed it in yet. Also I have not been in Town since you sent the one for Raymond.

The dear friends we have, Mother, are too lovely. I am still discovering people who make you have faith in the kindness of the world.

Much love to both,

Thursday night