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Aaron, Marcus | to Stella, 1919 February 28

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My dear Stella -

I felt we were going a little strong so we took the afternoon off yesterday. Fannie + I rested till 4 + then we putted for an hour. In the evening she told me she would not play today. She remained in bed + apparently was comfortable. Tonight she is in the lobby + will not attempt to play until she is ready to do so. I had 36 holes with the fellows and put up a perfectly rotten game. The weather is delightful, quite warm. You ask about [Lesters]


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stockings. I [have] them. What shall I do with them. [Here] is a carefully thought out proposition. How would you like to meet us in Washington March 16 Sunday [A M.] and have Lester meet us there for the day. I think it would be great if it does not interfere with your treatment. If I have to go to Phila Fan could remain with you + then go home with you. What say you.

Fan is improving in typing & in speed. Did you go to Alberts party?

Is the massage agreeing with you by [this time]. Lester [writes] regularly

Lots of love & kisses from the

Old Man

2/28 "