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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother and Father, postmarked 1922 March 20

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Dear Mother:

It certainly was great to have Father and Pete + Aunt B. at the debate. I wish you might have been there, too, but I think under the circumstances, you were wise not to come. Of course, the decision of the judges - in our favor - would have been considerably more satisfactory, but we did not feel very low over the decision, because it was plainly a question of the judges personal preferences, as to the two types of debating. Ours was facts - theirs hot air. And I would rather lose our way than win theirs. And Mother, I have never had so many wonderful compliments fly my way as after that debate. It made losing less disappointing. I'll tell you all about it when we meet.

I'll leave on the 4:13 Thurs. + plan to return the following Sat. Hope I won't have to stay in Phila., so we can go to Boston.

I had my first real sleep of 10 days last night - In bed at 10:30, and slept soundly till 8:20 bell. And I had an 8:30 psych lecture! I got there 1 minute late

Thanks for the cake. I shall write short letters this wk., because I want to do as much of my


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history topic as possible.



In a boring [J] class, Miss [Wylie's] absence [reealy] felt.


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Dear Fannie,

Heartbroken not to see you last night. Dying to hear all about it from you - everyone says you were a marvel - I knew you would be. Can you stay in Main for lunch with me to-day?

Peggy (Higgins)


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