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Houts, Annie | to Frank, June 1874

VC 1869
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Vassar College. June 19/74,
My dear Frank,
I Just got here about one hour ago, and found your
letter with check for one hundred dollars ($100££) all right. I have had such
a pleasant trip. I cant write it all, will give you the outlines, and fill it in
when I see you. I left Portsmouth on the train Monday morning - had to
wait at Hamden until 3 P.M. You know what a pleasant place that is - but I
had the "End of the World" to read, and so passed the time well. When the
train came from Cincinnati, I found my friend Miss Birdsall, the one who
is going to Europe- so we travelled in company to N.Y. She is excellent
company. W e stopped over in Washington Tuesday, and looked around ovsr
the public buildings, and spent Wednesday and Thursday running around N.Y.
The weather has been very cool - and I am well and happy. I let Miss
Birdsall read my address, and she liked it. I guess it will all go off well.
I will send it to you, after the reading of it. I do not think I can write you
about the hour of the wedding and time of leaving, until I get back to


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That will be time enough, won't it. If you leave the card- question to me, I decide not to have any. I will leave it to you about going to the Caves. I should like to go- and believe it would be a pleasant trip. Could Lee be gone long enough to take the trip ? I am sure we would enjoy such a trip - but do as you think best. Perhaps we can tell better when you come. I cannot write more now, will write again Sunday. Take good care of your-self. With all my love and hope, I am -


[Annie (Glidden) Houts,
To Frank M. Houts]