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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother, 1921 March 1


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March 1, 1921

Dear Mother:

Lucy came over after lunch to tell me that the team was announced. I am first alternate (big compen-sation (?)!) and have to stay at Vassar because the weaker speakers are being kept home and they want a strong alternate at home for them. The senior and two junior alternates are being sent away. The committee the speakers after the picture was taken . At least my being in the infirm didn't spoil my chances of beinga speaker. Lucy was made a regular member of the committee, so she knows all the dope about the discussion. She said she was so glad that she had had never heard me, so that she didn't have to vote about me. She also said the discussion as to whether to make me or Margaret Ray a speaker was very hot. -Ray is a junior, had the closing speech for the Juniors in class debate, was on soph. debate last year and on the team of the University of Southern California her freshman year. They finally voted in favor of her on the strength of her extra past experience. Moral! - the advantage of being a junior! Lucy said I had many firm champions, particularly Rachel Higgins, who was chairman of Junior Debate. She said the only un-favorable thing she heard was that I present my statis-tics boringly, but somebody promptly set on that and tried to disprove it.

[I'll] finish this in another envelope, or it will miss the mail.

Am feeling O.K. again, but weak. All additional pain is gone in every connection. Am sitting up dressed in infirm. parlor [Gobah] today after lunch. May get out tomorrow - unless they keep me here to rest. It would not hurt


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me any if they did. Please do not worry any, for there is nothing to worry about. It is best that they sent me here - but it is all over now.