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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother and Pete, 1922 November 12

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´╗┐November 12, 1922

Dear Mother and Pete:

We celebrated the twenty-first birthday by going rowing on the lake and then walking to town and having a good dinner at Smith's. Today we continued in the celebration by participating in delicious turkey and apples sent by her mother for the occasion.

I worked most of the morning on my English topic and shall spend most of the afternoon on the same. Tonight we are going to Junior Party. Seniors are not admitted but we managed to get hold of some guest tickets.

Last night I was called up a young man who lives at the Y. M. C. A., who works in Poughkeepsie, and who is a friend of Ivan Half's from Brown. The latter told him to call me up, look me up, rather. I certainly don't know I. H. well enough to hurt me, but I guess he is supposed to be quite nice. He is coming out tomorrow afternoon. I didn't quite know what to do with him--on the phone, but concluded there was no harm in meeting him under the sheltering auspices of Main Parlors. I trust you will not disapprove of my action.

Love, Fannie


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I'll take whatever train suits you, as late as the 8 P.M.

The th. guild play "[R.V.R]" is said to be excellent. the "Comedie Francaise" will be in NY. I judge Father doesn't want to see that tho. So let it be with [R.V.R.] or Loyalties. I think I prefer Loyalties.