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Sylvester, Helen (Seymour) | to mother, Sep. 22, [1865?]:

VC Spec 1865-1866
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September 22, [1865?]
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Vassar College
Sept 22nd [1865?]

My dear Mother
I arrived safely at Albany Tuesday night. On arriving
at Utica I met Libby Anderson who got on there to go to Vassar College.-
Netta met me at the depot with her new carriage. Mr. Weaver could not
go Wednesday and so we took a ride and visited - I was glad to have a
rest before I went on to school, for I was very tired- We had a very
pleasant journey from Albany and found Mr Vassar here at the College.
He was very kind and told me when-


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ever I wanted a favour and met him
In the halls to speak to him- I had an Introduction also to a nephew of
Mr Vassar about twenty- A girl from Utica who attended Miss Kelly's
School Introduced us to him. Her name is Florence Hart- There are
seven girls here who attended school at Utica when I did. Our room was
engaged by Libbie's cousin in Poughkeepsie some time ago and is one of
the best. I have not had a touch of homesickness yet- everything is so
pleasant here I do not see how I can. Our room is about eleven feet high -
We have a sitting room and bedroom
There are three bedrooms to our sitting room. Every-


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thing is just as
nice as anything can be. We visited the Library - Art Gallery - Geological
rooms and Astronomical observatory with Mr It Mrs Weaver They were
both delighted with everything (as everybody is) and Mr Weaver thought
he should certainly send Kitty and Liszle here when they were old enough.
Mr Mitchell was in the observatory and explained the telescope and gave us
quite a little lecture on Astronomy - The teachers are all very kind
indeed, and the lady principal has all Miss Kelly's good traits without her
formality, and unapproachableness -
We can see College Hill Military school from our sitting room window.


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whole building seems more like a large elegant Hotel than a school.
There are three hundred and fifty girls here already and I have made
quite a number of acquaintances already - The building is much pleasanter
than I thought it would be and though the pieces [sic] of cake are decidedly
small and the preserves are minus the fare is very good.
The bill is high enough father will find to warrant a good school.
One gentleman from Brooklyn has seven daughters here - It will cost
him something from $2500 to $3000 - I hope you are not working yourself to death. Have you any help? Write to me soon


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and tell me the town
news. I am very anxious to hear from home. Your affectionate daughter Ella