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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother, Father, and Pete, 1920 April 30

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Dear Mother, Father, and Pete:

I just came back from the song contest--I suppose I'll be sorry tomorrow that I went, but it is such a glorious day and the holiday spirit is in the air, and I went--that is my only excuse. It certainly was great. Each class grouped on the steps of Students' and sang their songs. Every class sang the Alma Mater, their favorite college songs, and for the third song an original song. The senior song was very serious, ours and the junior one were funny. The seniors were awarded the banner, and the juniors the cup. Then there was much cheering, and some more singing. Then the whole college went to the Juniors' tree, and cheered some more. It is remarkable the fun you get out of exercising your lungs.

The ball-game is at two this afternoon. I'll go early so as to get a sear. I did not know till yesterday that the men of the faculty play. It must be a circus.

Mr. Jackson was here last night, and Helen asked me to come to their party at the Inn, as I believe I wrote yesterday. But the weather was bad, and I felt accordingly, so I was afraid to risk it. I hope Helen was not sore.

I am sure I have written at least twice that the date of Third Hall is Saturday, May eighth. The Phil prize plays are tomorrow night.

Mother, was the big fiftieth anniversary celebration on Founder's Day? I was wishing you were here today. I do hope you come next week. I have been looking forward to it, anyhow.

And still I live at Metcalf. I wish this fool thing would get better soon. I suppose I won't be able to enjoy your Commencemtn[sic] either.


May 1.