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McAndrew, Marjorie — from Aunt Florence, April, 1917

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Apr 1917

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[ca. Apr. 1917]

Dear Marjorie

It has been fine today, so mild and springlike. Expect you have had a storm with cold weather as we have.

I have been having vacation [now?] for a few days. Have enjoyed it very much. It’s so nice not to have to rise at a certain moment and to be off at just the precise time.

You have been back from your vacation long enough so that you have forgotten


: VCL_Letters_McAndrew-Marjorie_1917-04-01_071_004_008_002
you have had one.

[...] had a very interesting [...]atri[o?]tie meeting here Sunday afternoon. I never expect to attend anything like it again. There is a division of the Naval Militia here and they defeated Sunday afternoon at 6:19 - It’s not too much to say that there were 10,000 people out to see them off - It really [was?] most thrilling. I am hoping that the [war?] will soon be [over?] and brought [to a?] successful [conclusion?] before we need to send many men abroad - I shall try to help in the [work?] that they do here


: VCL_Letters_McAndrew-Marjorie_1917-04-01_071_004_008_003
in the [way?] of sewing, too. I don’t know whether they will [work?] under the Red Cross or not.

What are the girls at Vassar doing? I saw some reference to it in the papers.

How are things going with you? Do you have to work very hard? Are the spring athletics in full [crossed out: swing?] What out of door sports do you engage in?

I take it from Georgia’s letter written soon after her return from Washington that she did not altogether enjoy her trip.


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I understand that Aunt Helen sent you five dollars in the fall Whether it was ^just before you went to Vassar or just after, I do not know. I believe I advised you sometime to write her. Now. I think the only thing for you to do is to writ[e?] Aunt Helen telling her that you have heard me say recently that I thought it strange you did not acknowledge the receipt of a gift sent in the fall. That will enable you to say that you regret not receiving the letter and you hope she will


: VCL_Letters_McAndrew-Marjorie_1917-04-01_071_004_008_005
pardon you when she knows you did not receive [crossed out] it. I should then tell her as much about my work and life [...] as I thought would interest her.

I hope you acknowledged your Christmas gift -- [Of course?], Aunt Helen is very much interested in Vassar, and its too bad ^for you to get in [wrong?] at the start. Its the only thing to do to write and apologize as gracefully as you can - I hope you will do it at once -


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I have been wanting to write about this for several days.

Mrs. Lewis has been here for a day or so and I have had a nice visit with her.

I don’t know why the time slips away so quickly.

Grandmother and I go to [...tville?] to-morrow to stay over Sunday - [...] expect to open the house, have a plumber to turn on the water, etc.

Grandmother will return with me for a short


: VCL_Letters_McAndrew-Marjorie_1917-04-01_071_004_008_007
stay, but will be back in [...tville? permanently by May 1st.

I am hoping it will be a nice day for the trip Do you hear often from your mother and [H...lbert?]?

I trust they are all well -

Why don’t you once in a while send a card to Jessie []? That would be easy and a graceful thing to do.

Take care of yourself. Write as soon as you can.

With much love
Aunt Florence

[... Apr. 11]


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Miss Marjorie McAndrew
100 Lathrop Hall
Vassar College
New York