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Sylvester, Helen (Seymour) | to mother, Mar. 17, 1866:

VC Spec 1865-1866
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March 17, 1866
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Vassar College
Sat. March 17th 1866-

My dear Mother
I received your letter several days ago but have been
unable to answer it until [sic] now.
I was so disappointed because Henry did not come yesterday
and I do not see how I shall endure it if he does not come to-day - I
can go much easier next week than I could any other time and it will
be too bad if he does not come. Clara Spaulding and Libbie Anderson
have gone to Poughkeepsie to spend the day and I am left with Mollie
Woodruff alone. I have almost given up hopes of Henry's coming for
the Omnibus has come and gone in which I expected he would come. I
am almost homesick


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and cannot study or do anything.
I feel very well so I have not taken the powders for I have to
go out walking every day and could not get excused. Mr Corning
preached for us last Sabbath. We all enjoyed it very much. He is a
very "free and easy" sort of a man. They say he tries to ape the
Beechers, and he has a good many enemies in Poughkeepsie. I cant
hardly write for the disappointment, I was so sure Henry would come
and we have review next week in Trigonometry so I would not lose any-
thing in that. When you will both come so near together it will hardly
pay to come back again before you come.
There is no news here but what I have told James and I cannot
think of any more to write so with much love I am your affectionate
daughter Helen -


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P.S. When you come to N.Y. wont you please bring the green silk that
is left of my dress I want to put a band on the neck and another breadth
in the skirt for it is too narrow to wear with the large hoops they are
wearing. It always was narrow. And dont forget to bring the pattern
for the outside of the fan waist or full waist to make my calico waist-
Your affectionate
daughter Helen