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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother, 1919 February 25

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Dear Mother,
It has been raining all morning. Isn't that nice? I slept till nine oclock.I passed the morning by writing to Pete and both Grandpas on my "ickle" typewriter. It doesn't look to me as though it intends to stop raining today.

After lunch(whichwas verygood) I made use of the bad weather by having my hair washed. She did it very well, but she ought to for a dollar I She told me I ought never to have my hair curled with an iron, that it would take all the natural wave out. How about it? It surely is curly today


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I think I'll do some of the lessons in the book and finish my sweater this afternoon.

Thanks ever so much for sending my rain--coat. The weather today made me realize I had forgotten it. What medicine did you send?

We got a letter from Lester today.

Have you started on your rest yet?



Feb. 25, 1919