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Hagerman, Mary E[lla] (Comstock) — to brother, "Will," June 4, 1882

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Vassar College.
June 4 -82.

Dear Will,

Expect that you are all wondering why I don’t write but I have been very busy this past week and so will have to beg to be excused. Your letter was splendid. Rec’d it and one from Father the same day. I want you to look up two or three words in the dictionary. Jollyfication - [hove?] ([horse?], I guess) fouls - (chickens probably) and egotistical. I have written five or six time that Commencement is on the 14th of June. Is that a week before the 15_? But recitations end Thurs. 4 days more. I shan’t be sorry. My pens are [s?]cratch so that I am going to finish with pencil. Hope you will succeed in getting the ticket to the nautitorium - Allow me to


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congratulate you upon your success in your declamation and also express my [regrets?] that I could not hear you -- Will, I agree with you, I do not believe that “such” a [horse?] exists -- Wish we could have a span that could be used as saddle horses as well as for the carriage. Wouldn’t we have nice times riding?

Am sorry that you have not made better progress in dancing but practice a little by yourself & when I come home we will try it together - I think your reading this winter must have done you some good. Next winter let’s read some good books together. Yes, alas, we are bankrupt - Suppose Aunt Lizzie is with you now - Weren’t you surprised &


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delighted to see her. Please give lots of love to her from her Vassar niece and show her the afghan - Friday was greatly surprised to have Annie Bailey walk in - She was to go to N. Y. for A. M. and is to return this week and stay until after Commencement with Miss Thurston. She looks much better than she did last summer - weighs 127 lbs- now -- 4 lbs- more than I. Spent a good part of my leisure time (what would have been such) practicing in the glee club. Imagine my bird like voice giving pleasure to others! Yesterday we ‘85 gave our class party to ‘83. We went in wagons to a lovely place by the R. Left College about


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1.30 P.M. and returned about 6. P.M. I took Miss Markham. The Presidents of the classes made each a speech - we had the Class Prophecy & History - and then each Class (Glee Club rather) sang a greeting and farewell - Not least, on the programme was a spread -- Menu -- Sandwiches -- Pickles -- Olives -- Strawberries & Cream -- Ice-Cream -- Cake. We had a lovely time [...] and all thanks to the Committee -- Anne Hayward evidently is very anxious for me to make her a long visit but don’t see how I am to do it. I am head usher Baccalaureate Sunday -- & was asked to be usher for Class Day (which Miss G- refused


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as she thought it would make me too tired that day as the ushers are pretty busy) and Commencement, but as I leave at 12.45 that day could not very well do so - as I would hardly have time to pack my dress after that time - I have felt much better than usual this spring on account of the cool weather I suppose. I do wish that you and Mama were coming East this summer for I should not object to a glimpse of you both. I [would?] have written on large paper & have not begun in the middle of the 1st page. Is your majesty satisfied? (Did not have any more small paper - Please answer as promptly as I do. Love to all & much for yourself from

sister Eli --
Excuse pencil.


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