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Houts, Annie | to John Houts, Dec. 1868:

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December 20, 1868
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Vassar Collage Dec. 20, 1868.
My dear Brother
Just the day before your last letter came, I sent a letter
to you, the contents of which you already know. I kept It one day, hoping to hear
from you or Carlos, but, as the time was so near, X sent it off. Your letter
came the very next morning telling me that you had arrived at the same
dc vision as myself in regard to my coming home. I may go away with a
friend who lives in Utica, but it is quite uncertain; and, should I stay here, I
do not anticipate a very dull


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time. Several of my friends will remain here
during the Holidays and there will be plenty to do, by way of reading, writing
fee. to amuse me. I may make a short trip to New York. You have probably
received the letter which I wrote to you last Sunday, and know how und ecided
I felt about the matter of selling the lots in Milwaukee. X am glad the neces-
sity for deciding is removed for the present, for the more X thought of the
subject, the more involved it became, and X could not see my way out of it.
The time has passed so quickly I can not realise that Christmas Is
indeed here. My room-mate went away Saturday - so I am sole monarch.
My room is away from the from the


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part of the building where most of the
students room, so I am very quiet. X am most truly glad to hear you speak
so hopefully and determinedly as you do In regard to your future. My earnest
prayer is that you may have strength to keep your good resolutions. It is my
own strong desire, as you will know to graduate at the end of this year and to
do so creditably. I shall be very much pleased indeed to have you come on.
I want you to see the College, and I am certain the exercises at that time
will he such as will please and interest you exceedingly. We have a very
fine class, many of them fine, original thinkers and writers, and I think


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they will prove them selves such whenever an opportunity is offered. I am
very much attached to the class, as a class, and some of its members X
number among my particular friends. I sent you a little poem some time
ago; if you are through with it, 1 wish you would return it in your next
letter. There is a Special object, for which X want it. I hope you will
write to me soon again. X am always so glad to hear from you. With my
best love and prayers, X am
Your loving sister,
^nnie (Glidden) Houts, <69,