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Fitt, Harriet (Bradley) — to mother, February 2, 1910

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02 Feb1910

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Feb 2 - 10


Dear Mother,

Your letter was certainly welcome this morning - and our summer together ought to be lovely. I do not see why you could not get on campus. The plan of my coming back the first of September anyway is good.

A letter from Follett yesterday was written before


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he heard of the order, so today must be the first he has heard of it.

There was a very lovely [Father?] here yesterday - Marion Greene’s - for whom a tea in Senior parlor was given. He knows a number of Army people.

Work is going well. Three of my instructors, now have said especially nice things about last semester, and I


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am hoping that by the end of the year the other to will be willing to, also -- French and history, which I have found hard from the beginning.

There is another student’s meeting tonight for the final discussion on the cut system. It will probably be exciting.

The letter from Mrs. O- is dear, and I am glad to know where to write her. The gloves came yesterday - many thanks.

I am sending Judge’s letters, too. I think he has most of the pictures you sent. I have all but one of them, but extras will not be in the way.

The seventh hour class will be called in a few minutes, and I must do a little reviewing.

Most lovingly,

Canoeing on the [Merrimac?] is --- where?