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Worthing, Margaret (Fletcher) | to family, May 15, 1907:

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19 May 1907

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Tues. P.M.
May 19 -


Dear family; -

No letter from home today, nor Fr. book as yet. Letters from Aunt L. and Jay. I didn’t know that grandpa was in bed nor that Mrs. Lewis was there, that Maloney was in Nor. nor that


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Wm had a new suit, all of which news Aunt Louise wrote. I do hope Grandpa is not very bad.

Grace wrote all the happenings of last Fri. and Sat. I gave her the task of description as she has that ability down to ^a much finer [pt?]. than I have.


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She and Buelah [J?]. were down at the Inn again [crossed out: last] yesterday P.M. I was studying under the trees and they couldn’t find me. Couldn’t have gone anyway. Most all my [crossed out: studying?] time is devoted to studying.

A Mrs. Buckler is at Cary’s now. Her daughter is a senior. Lives in Texas. Her husband doesn’t know whether he can come on for Commencem’t or not for he is a lawyer and court is always sitting. Mrs. Horn, the cat woman, has been here all the year and Mr. Horn has been in Denver. He is a doctor and never gets away except on business. So mama, popie is not the only man in the world who can’t leave his business, - not that


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they should tho. Lovingly, M’g’t.