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Barnes, Lucy | to family, Feb. 1871:

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February 5, 1871
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Vassar College.
Feb. 5, 1871.

My dear Parents.

To-day the ground is covered over with snow, which we hope will prove good for sleighing since the girls have already made up sleigh loads for to-morrow night. Last year we enjoyed it so much I do hope we will not be disappointed now. Besides I really think we need a little pleasure just now for this last week has been a very trying one, -


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long reviews in all the lessons one day after another, and our standing during this last week and the first three days of next is the test. Each day it seems to me the standard is higher. Instead of finishing my Latin this year we are obliged to read Horace next all the girls are enraged and I dont wonder, for in the catalogue it says that the Sophomore studies are elective and then ^they compell them to take what ever they think best. There are many rumors around the college since the seniors have commenced of girls being turned


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875002003
back - the latest is that two Seniors, five Juniors, 10 Sophomores 50 Freshmen and 100 Preparatories will have to go over this semesters work in something.

50 Freshmen! I am beginning to shake just a little though the only thing I feel the least doubtful about is the latin for I do so hate it and Prof Hinkle is so queer and unreasonable in my Algebra I have never been minus a single example since I have been in College and my only hope is that next semester I will do as well in Geometry

I guess my reputation will


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875002004
carry me through in French even if I should fail every day until the end. I dont want you to think I am going to however for I have no such intentions

For some few days ^past I had a little surprise in contemplation for you, which I hope would have been pleasant But yesterday all my hopes were dashed to the ground so I am going to tell you in order that I will not be the only one to feel badly Our examinations end you must know next Thursday and before we again resume our studies a space of nearly one week intervenes which I wanted to have spent with you and Guss, Kate and I


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875002005
were going to take you by storm some time Friday. But there were so many others who entertained the same hope that Miss Terry would not let us go. I am so very sorry for I set my heart upon it.

Yesterday in all the snow for then it was still falling Annie Shepard, Kate, Lizzie Burnett and I all dressed in our Gymnastic suits and bundled all up and set out for a regular romp. We went all around Sunset Hill and traversed the grounds generally enjoying our selves to the


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875002006
full, and still more because we were not obliged to do it For at dinner Dr Avery announced that the Students were excused from their out door exercise. After dinner we had a meeting of the "Student Association in which we elected the speakers we desire to lecture to us on Founder's day the 29 of April, as the list now stand the names are as follows. 1. Robert Collyer 2. Rev. Dr Murray and 3. Mr Boardman of Phila, what do you think of them.

After "Students" we the Fresh had a meeting of our Class for the election of Officers. I went in my Gym. suit just as I had come in from my


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875002007
frolic thinking that If I took a back seat nobody would see me. But I was not long of this mind for after the meeting was called and we had listened to the roll-call and reading of the Minutes of the last three meeting and the Candidates were being voted upon Miss Taylor our Pres. says "I appoint Miss Jewell and Miss Sellers tellers so I was obliged to come forward and receive the votes just as I was. I soon got over my bashfulness (even if it was Saturday afternoon and the rest of the girls were fixed up for tea) as I was of considerable importance for it grew dark before we finished with our elections


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875002008
which stand as follows; Miss Taylor pres. as before. Miss Kellogg vice-pres. Miss Keffer, Sec. Miss Seys Treasurer. Miss McBain Historian. Miss Maltby Sibyl. Miss Burns poet. We had a dreadful time with our election for president and after balloting nearly a dozen times we kept the same one as we had the first of the year. I was going to say something [more?] and make a very interesting letter but all my ideas have been driven out of my head by company. I am very much disappointed that I did not get a nice talk letter. I was almost sure you would take the hint for the subject which I wrote


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875002009
cross wise on my last letter. So please don't keep me in suspense any longer. I am most crazy for a good lecture. With an [off??] Amen I am as follows -