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Thompson, Addie | to parents, Feb. 1876:

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February 16, 1876
VC Prep 1875-1876

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Vassar College
Po'keepsie, N.Y, Feb. 16, 1876
My dear father and Mother—
The mail has come for this
morning but there was no letter for me and
I always get one Wednesdays but perhaps
it will come this afternoon. It rained here
very hard yesterday and the day before, but
last night it froze hard and to-day the
wind is blowing at a furious rate. Bertha
Hasbrook died Tuesday night. Her mother
came last week Friday. I was mistaken
her father was not here. They telegraphed
to him Tuesday morning and he got
here this morning at 9.30. I was walking
and met him as he got out of the car
and I never saw such agony on any
person's face as there was on his. Don't
suppose he knew it until his brother met
him at the depot. Yesterday Miss Lucy
summoned us all to the chapel and said we
must be cautious in writing to our friends


: VCLLettersThompsonAddie18751876005002
that we gave them to understand that it was not
contagious that caused her death, but rheumatic
fever with other causes. Yesterday we had our lessons
as usual but this morning college duties are suspended
and at 11 there is to be short service in the chapel.
All her acquaintances hare the privilege of seeing the
corpse in Miss Terry's parlor fifteen minutes
before the service. They return home this morning.
Had but these two daughters and this
one was the youngest she was eighteen.
Two weeks ago, a young lady in their parlor
was summoned heme by the death of
her sister and Bertha said, "It would kill
me, if any of my friends should die.
I hope I will be the first one." She was
a member of the Exotic society. Yesterday
the society appointed a committee to get
flowers and have them arranged so they
could be transported. They have a beautiful
cross and anchor. She has been sick but
little over a week and it does seem so
hard for us all. I can never forget that
father's face. He looks very much like you,
Pa, only his whiskers and hair are more
grey. Received a letter from Nellie yesterday
and she asked me to get her a silk.
Now if she sends me a sample and tells me


: VCLLettersThompsonAddie18751876005003
just how much she is willing to pay, I think
I had better get it for her. I was looking in
my trunk the other day and saw there was a grease
spot right on the tab of my Japanese basque.
How can I get if off? My silk handerchief
looks ever so nice and so does the tie. I like
the lace on it, never saw that way before.
I hope my alapaca will come this week,
for I do not like to wear my silk every
Sunday. Seven weeks before vacation, I am
getting very impatient for the time to come
when I can be home once more. What am I
to buy in N.Y.? Don't think I am in to
great a hurry, for you know it takes
some time to think of all the little
things and write about them. Pa what
are you thinking about the centennial? Please
tell me. Have just come from the service. The
President's remarks were very touching and
very appropriate. He said we had not one
tear to shed for her for she was a Christian,
all our sorrow was for her bereaved parents
and friends. She was unconscious all the time.
Only recognized her mother once. Some say
she had typhoid fever but I guess it is
not so. I will wait until the other mail


: VCLLettersThompsonAddie18751876005004
comes before I finish this, and maybe there will
be a letter for me. I so hope there will be.
After dinner: The letter came this noon, and I
was so glad. Thank you ever so much for it.
Now, Ma, I do not want that brown silk I
want you to have it and to have a pretty
brown hat to wear with it, I have my black
silk, grenadine and white and those are all
the dresses I care for this summer. And I
want you to make that up stylish and
pretty for yourself. Your grenadine will do
for every day and afternoon, S.S. and
that kind of wear, and you do not
want to make up your black silk before
fall do you? So you see, you need it. Pa
please send me more than the $100. How
is Mrs. Simpson? Ben does not say when
he will come, only not before March. Hope
he wont come unless he wants to. Guess
he corresponds with Maud and Lute from
what he wrote, but I did not say one word
about it to him in my letter. I can not
always send a letter Wednesdays, but to-day
did not have any lesson to learn. Am so
glad I will have my dress by Saturday.
Pa please send the money right away
if you have not already. Pa you must write
next time.
From your loving daughter
Addie Thompson

Send me more stamps please.