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Aaron, Marcus | to Stella, undated

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My dear Stella

I had a fine sleep on the train. I feel good. Spoke to Bessie. All well with her. Also talked to [Hugo R.] Aunt [Pauline] is better. He is so [anxious] to see me that I must try somehow to arrange it. It is more pathetic than flattering. Well meet [Earrickloo] in a few minutes after paying a farewell visit to Mr. [Dessions]. No [boon] from you yet but it will no doubt come later. It did not come to 320 We have attended to everything. Fan does not feel the worse for her [treatment]. No [improvement] since last [treatment] but no worse. [It send us] to a Doctor who took a


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blood last + will send [it] to [EG.]

Fan is in fine spirits. We both conclude it better for her to use the park and to mix with the other girls so I will [probably visit] the balance of the family - Love