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Foster, Frances (Harmon) Miller | to Louisa, May 1, 1866:

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Vassar College. May '66

Dear Louisa.

I presume you will be expecting a letter from me now after our grand Festival and as we have this day as a holiday also, I will do my best at writing a few letters, I suppose you will expect me to give a very exact description of last evening but I am afraid you won't know much more about it than you do now, but I will tell over again what I told in my last, as it was about the same that I thought it would be, We, that is the


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students started about six oclock to the gate to welcome the founder, and on his arriving at the door a song of welcome was sung and then we all went to the chapel. Mr. Vassar did not come in until we were all seated, and the invited guest, which were the friends of Mr V. and of the College and the ministers of Poughkeepsie ^were seated also and as he appeared in the door one of the young ladies played a voluntary on the Organ and the whole assembly arose and waited until he was seated then seated themselves and the exercises commenced they were very good indeed there was a Salutatory (original) by one the young ladies a poem also original and an essay two instrumental peices and two


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vocal peices of music, and two sort of dramas, after we went to the supper room, which was trimmed and arranged beautifully, the long tables were all pushed up against the wall, and one table in the centre elevated and trimmed very pretty, which was for. Mr V- we all stood. while eating, the refreshments were, three kinds of cream. Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate, Sandwhiches coffee jelly, cake and Oranges the cream was put on the table first as it was [crossed out: run?] out of moulds, on Mr. V-— table the Mould was the form, of an eagle, after supper we went to the parlours and Corridor and had a fine time the Proffs carried on with the girls Proff. Knapp. was there


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looking as handsome as ever, which I can tell you is pretty nice, then there was a young Baptist Minister there who preached for us the day before, who. we all fell in love with just as handsome and nice as could be. we ran around after him some, to be sure his wife was there but that dident make any difference. I have come to the conclusion that ministers are about the nicest kind after all. Henry. Ward Beecher was not here as we expected he would be. but we got along no thanks to him. we did not have to retire until twelve, oclock. and we were determind we would'ent go until then if we fell asleep in our chairs, to day we are pretty tired to pay for it but as we have no school can rest it off. I think I have told you all I can about the evening and you may get an idea from this what kind of a time we had


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I think our folks must be dead or sick I have not had a letter from Mother or Mate since a week ago last Friday I am getting quite provoked and they had better write soon or I shall be making them a visit which might not please them quite as well as it did me just think only eight weeks from tomorrow and where will I be I guess not much here, We are going to commence Geometry tomorrow I kind of dread it, nevertheless I am glad to get out of Algebra, it has always been the bane of my existence, One of the One of the girls just came in and says that all the Teachers have gone away in the Omnibusses so we must take advantage of their absence to cut up and have a nice time I don't think they will have a pleasent day it don't look much like it now but I have written if not an interesting quite a long letter and hope to get an answer soon. Write as often and as long as you can you don't know how much I enjoy your letters. You asked about hats why they wear most every kind. I think. I will have a sailor, but. Good by "Ma chere Amie" je suis votre Amie Franc.


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Monday, April 30th,



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PRAYER. [By Dr. Raymond]

MUSIC—— Prayer from "Der Freischuetz"
Miss L. Merrick.

SALUTATORY— - - Miss J. E. Bush

ESSAY - - - - - The World's Advance
Miss H. A. Warner.

MUSIC - - - I'm a merry Zingara
Miss M. Holz.


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