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Tappan, Eva March | to mother, Mar. 1874:

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March 10, 1874
VC 1875

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: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875002001
Vassar, March 10, 1874.
Dear Mother,
Your letter
came yesterday, and I
will write now so you
can get it as soon as
may be. About the black
silk. I do not believe it
would take any 21 yards,
but at any rate it would
be a very expensive dress
and would probably cost
more than sixty dollars,
including making, trimming,
express, going
to town so then I should
not like to attend to the
making of such a dress
all myself, especially


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875002002
with a new dressmaker.
So I agree with you that
it would be better to
wait till next fall, at
any rate. Then it would
be a new thing for next
year and not have been
tumbled around so much
But about a [brttliaatfae.]
Even if it were a very nice
one, it would still be
only an alpaca, and they
look so rusty and horrid
after the very first, that
I do not think it would
be best to get such a
thing. Would a thin summer
silk be very expensive?
I thought the waist could
be bought for $ 1. a yard.


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875002003
I wish I could be there
and look myself.
If a cheap silk, not a
light bright-colored one,
could be bought for a
little more than a
nice brilliantine, I think
it would be by all means
the best. Perhaps a black
with just a little white,
or something dark. I suppose
you will look Saturday.
If you do not see just
what you want, or do
not know to choose, send
me some patterns, and
tell me what a dress
from each would cost.
I don't want anything
that is bright-colored or
in a large figure or plaid.
About a hernani. Have
you done anything with


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875002004
the one you bought
last summer for you?
If not, why could not
that be made over for me?
The oversklrt would do
as it is. You could make
the underskirt without
much trouble and the
waist could be made
here like my black waist
that I had made here.
I suppose you would
have to get a little more
of the stuff, but it would
not cost much and
would be far less work
than a new one. The
skirt and waist could
be made over my green
silk. It would not be
very nice, but it would do
very well to wear here before
long vacation, a little la the


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875002005
summer, and then
wear it out for an
everyday dress in the fall.
It would not hurt the
green silk any for nicer
one, and it would save money
for the present. Think and
tell me. Than for a hat.
Seems to me the one I
wore last summer will
do very well for summer,
so I'd rather have a pretty
one this spring early.
I have been looking at
my black sacque, and I
guess that if you send
half a yard of fringe
that will do for now, and
then if I want to trim
it with lace next fall, I
can see about it in the
summer. When you happen
to think of it, send me a


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875002006
book of Butterick's
patterns? also Mrs.
Harris' address. Write me
as soon as you can about
all the things I asked.
This thread is twice as
long as the final is
deep. I will wait till
Monday before saying
anything to the
dressmaker. I think
perhaps even a thin
silk would look better
as a basque waist. What
do you think?
Eva M. Tappan