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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother, Father, and Pete, 1920 February 21

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[Addressed to Hotel Royal Poinciana]

February 21, 1920.

Dear Mother, Father, and Pete:

I am somewhat sleepy, at least it looks that way, for I had to ask Helen Reid what month it was!

I just returned from the libe hwere[sic] I did my English Speech. It gives promise of being most uninteresting.

I am going snowshoeing seventh hour. I have never tried my luck at it, but it is time to start. Aunt Bessie wanted to know if I wanted a pair, but I thought I had better see if I would be able to manipulate them first.

Miss Thallon is still sick!!!! Miss Ellory took our class yesterday, and she is certainly a wonder. I want to take a course under her next year. Incidentally, our elections have to be in by Spring vacation. It is time for me to start studying the catalogue. You might do likewise, if there is an time hanging heavily on your hands!

We have been reading Mme. De Stael's "Corinne" for the last two weeks, and I am getting rather sick of discussing it in class, so today, when we had read her impressions of Venice and Champy asked if any of us had been there, I broke the monotony a little by disagreeing with Mme. de Stael. It amused old Champy very much.

Poor me in Math--Miss Wells sent me to the board again this morning. I am hopeless, but so is the rest of the class. She had to put the planes in in colored chalk, before I could see them. We have a quizz on Monday.

I am certainly sorry I cannot have your visit, Pete, but your two "ifs" were quite conclusive.

We had a sight translation test in Latin yesterday. I was none too potent, as you would say, Pete.

We were reseated in chapel last night. I have the last seat in the corner [gallery] in chapel, ideal for sleeping. A Sunday morning preacher is all I need to perfect the atmosphere.

We voted at our groupe meeting last night to accept Colgate's challenge to debate. I admit Princeton would sound better to me.

Otherwise nothing new. Wishing you the same,


Room-drawing is after Spring vacation. I think I'll keep mine, unless I change my mind. I can still have a draw after sophomore year, if I don't take one this year.