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[unknown], Hannah | to brother, Oct. 1866:

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October 18, 1866

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Oct. 18th, 1866 Dear brother I was rather surprised to hear from home so soon, but not at all sorry. You think that the grounds of the college have expanded. They do look rather large but I think one reason is because the paths are laid out differently now. We room on the first floor. The door to our parlor is opposite to the mark I have made; the windows in front open into the corridor. There are three sleeping rooms out of our parlor, but one of them is a single room.


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Our rooms are not quite so pleasant as those above on account of having lower walls and smaller windows. I am in the G. class in music but you had not better tell any one, for I may be put into a lower class any time. Mary is taking her class lesson now, and I am sorry for her. There are eight pianos in the room, a young lady at each one, and a teacher to every two while Prof. Weby stands in front of them all counting the time. The first young lady commences and plays until the Prof, calls out "next", when the next one must commence where the other left off, without stopping or breaking the time. If she makes a mistake she is liable to be turned out of the class. I only practice forty minutes a day, and we have very long lessons so you see my position is very uncertain.
I was sorry to hear that father did not want me to go out in the boat, for I am


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just learning to row and I want to go out very much. I do not think there can be any danger whatever, for a great many of the girls go out every day, and there are always men there to take care of the boats. After having finished my education at Vassar my conversation will probably be beyond the comprehension of common people, therefore you know it would not be kind to bore them with what they could not understand.
Mary has not had a letter from home in nearly two weeks and intends writing this evening and giving them a good scolding. I had a present of some splendid pears and an apple a short time ago, from a young lady who had a large box, about three feet long, two wide and one deep, packed full of apples and pears sent to her from her home in Mass. I think fruit must be more plenty there than it is here.


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I have to go and practice now so I must close. With a great deal of love to all. From your aff. sister

I believe Dr. Babcock was here today but we did not see him.