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DeWitt, Nettie | to mother, Nov. 21, 1892

VC Ex 1896
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November 21, 1892
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Vassar College. My dearest Mother: In the same mail in which you receive this letter I hope you will also receive a little bunch of violets, just a remembrance for you all on Thanksgiving to show you that I am with you in spirit at least. There is a violet house or rather several houses not far from here. As you may judge


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by the name, nothing but violets are grown there and such beauties as they are too. I hope these will come nicely. The old man who keeps the house is very funny He gives us all the short stemmed violets he picks by mistake and to-day gave me a fine apple too.

I had such a lovely letter from Papa to-day and expect one from you to-morrow. Do you know everything has turned out beautifully for me ? And I can go to New York after


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all. Perhaps you think that I am taking things a good deal for granted as I have not asked permission but I did not think it necessary Irom what you had written about my going- and to-day Papa said in his letter he would like to have me go etc. Well, Marcia has invited me to go with her and her room mate, and Miss Hoge-boom is to chaperone us. Isn't that fine? I am perfectly wild to go. So write me so that I will get a letter Friday at the Murray Hill. Papa will


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know the address. We are going down early Friday and come back Satur-day night. Isn't that too good for anything?

Be sure and write me so I will hear Friday. No more to-night. I will write again before I go. If you think of anything for me to get let me know.

With love to you and all- Your loving daughter Nett.

November 21- 1892.

[Nettie (Brand) DeWitt, ex-1896.]