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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother, Father, and Pete, 1923 May 23?

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[23 May 1923?]

Dear Mother, Father, and Pete:

I'm sorry I haven't had time to write the last two days, but I have been very busy.

I saw Miss Gibson in the libe yesterday, and she told me to include a phase of the subject in my topic that I hadn't, so I had to spend today writing that. I finished it completely, 110 pages. The Table of Contents looks just like a book. It gives me a thrill every time I look at it! I was the first to finish. It breaks my heart to think of not having a copy of it, but Millsy keeps them on file, as they are "contributions to economic knowledge" (!), and I simply did not have time to make a copy. And the motto of it is, type accurately so that making carbon copies won't take extra time.

The most important communication I have is one which you are on no account to overlook, and that is to deposit some money for me. I paid the semester bill--extras, infirmary charges, etc.--and am most poverty-struck as a consequence. Please don't forget, as I don't want to overdraw my account. Also get them to send my cancelled checks while you're at it. Mother, please keep reminding Father as long as necessary.

I started my Tolerance exam-topic today. I'm investigating the "I. W. W."

I'm going to base my drama exam either on "Anna Christie" and


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I answered [I.R. Settlement] by saying I didn't know my summer plans + - was sorry not to be able to accept; etc.


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Helen tells me that she heard that 195 were invited to Louise's wedding and 295 are sore that they were not invited, among them--the Edgar Lewins, Carl Kaufmanns, Walter Baer, Ed Benswangers, etc. Ruth Helen Kaufmann was giving a bridge for Louise with Pauline Lewin, and called it off when the invites came out. Haha!

Also Jane's friend, A Benjamin, who came all the way here to see her last year and was the cause of her Pittsburgh visit, announced his engagement. Further gossip of interest to you?

When Jane told me Leon was coming here, she said "The cream of Pgh."! Give me the scum!


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I Puritan attack on