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Tappan, Eva March | to mother, Apr. 1874:

VC 1875
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April 10, 1874
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: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875004001
Vassar, April 10. 1874

Dear Mother,
I hope you will
receive my postal tomorrow
telling of the safe arrival
of the box. I have an idea
about the hat. I shall
take the red berries and
black feathers from my
lace hat and put them
on this. I think it will
be pretty. Perhaps you'd
better send me the black
feathers that I sent home
the other day. I guess you'd
better send them. The
waist, I think, can be made
as a basque just as well
if you can send enough
of the silk to line the


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875004002
part of it that is below
the belt. Mrs. Foster is very
good at such work. I saw
a lovely little walking
jacket that she had made
of a girl's brother's old
jacket. Send the silk and
I think she can fix it so,
or some way that will
be prettier than just a
round waist. The little
pocket book is a beauty
and such a convenient
size, both for funds and
pockets. The eatables will
speak for themselves.
I assure you they are
appreciated. On Wednesday
a lot of us went to Cedar
Ridge for flowers. I got
up the party. Everybody
laughed at me, even the


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875004003
girls who were going, for
supposing that flowers
could be found so early.
I insisted that it was
time and we went.
The Ridge was lovely. High
cliffs were covered with
bright green moss. I found
flowers enough to make
three saucer bouquets.
I carried one to Miss Sewell.
I guess I have told you
of her. She is librarian.
She is the last of a large
family who have all
died of consumption.
Last year her sister Lucy
was here, and soon after
the summer vacation
she died. Mrs. Sewell is
visiting here now and
was in Miss S's room


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875004004
when I took her the
flowers. Mrs. S. is quite
deaf, so when I went out,
as I was going away
I heard Miss S. say "She's
smart, she's a Junior.
She brought me the
first spring flowers last
year when Lucy was here."
It was such a little thing
but it was so nice to
know that she remembered
Wasn't it splendid in how
yesterday afternoon a
large box came for me
from Waterbury. Inside
were three cakes, oranges,
lemons, sugar, chow-chow,
jelly, sweet crackers, bananas,


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875004005
nuts, figs and everything
nice. Wasn't it splendid
in her to send it? I think
it was so very nice.
Everything came nicely
and was very nice.
Last night we had a
"supper" just we four in
the parlor. It was splendid,
but ten o'clock "spreads"
do not agree very well
with my kind of sleep
afterwards. Well, it is
vacation and there's
time enough to rest today.
This morning I, or
rather Anna Wilson,
have been fixing my
hat. I curled the feathers
over, put them and the
red berries on, and
now I think it is very


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875004006
pretty. Hope I shall have
a letter this noon. You
need not send the
feathers [fcc] There is enough
without it.
Eva M. Tappan.
I had a letter from Mr. Lewis(?)
the other day.