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Worthing, Margaret (Fletcher) | to "William," May 18, 1908

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18 May 1908

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May 18th

Dear William; -

We received your letter Monday in Poughkeepsie before I left and it was afine letter and very cute.

Grace could not get the [Motor?] Boys overland but I will.


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look for it tomorrow in New York.

Your fishing episode, rather boating episode down on the flats was very funny. Aunty wrote about it - how your boat and yourself went to the bottom. However I think it fine for you to experiment even if you are not successful at first -


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and so you caught a real live fish that didn't get away!

Yesterday was Willie's 15th birthday. Willie is a dear boy. He has a little garden all his own where he planted radishes, lettuce etc. and he guards it carefully lest something happen to it.

Larry, Ella's dog, is much cuter than he was last year, when I was here. They play with them all the time, even Cousin Ed, Ella's father, feeds him at the table if he begs or "speaks" for it.

All the apple trees in bloom although [...], they are all [thin?] here. The lilacs are out and the snowballs are nearly in bloom -

With love,