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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother and Father, postmarked 1922 May 18

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: vcl_Letters_Aaron_Fannie_1922-05_06_016_001
403 Davison House
Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

Dear Mother and Father:

Much as I appreciate your effort in wriint to me, Pap, your nice long letter was duly appreciated, Mother. FroM Saturday to Wednesday afternoon with nothing from you is pretty terrible! So I'll show my appreciation by writing immediately, and answering all questions. Those that you don't feel any interest in, Mr. Aaron, may be omitted without disturbing the continuity of the letter!

Incidentally, I got my fist psych topic back with the comment, ^^EEceilent, both in material and organization", I have gotten "Excellent" in every quiz in that course but one.

I don't need any more unionsuits. Thanks just the same.

I thought I wrote that Dr. F. answered to stop the treatments temporarily, and report in a week how I feel. The reporting seems to me to be entirely useless and unnecessary. HOwever, it takes only a couple of minutes.

It do not a case of rush or "forgetting" the specials, I never forget anything! I mail my letters at a different hour from last year, and figured that a special would not gain any time. However, I'll indulge the child!

I don't think, in fact, I'm.sure, that I


: vcl_Letters_Aaron_Fannie_1922-05_06_016_002
403 Davison House
Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

that I won't be able to bother with packing until after exams, but I think that packing from Tuesday noon until Wednesday noon ought to finish up the job. Last year I did it all in a few hours in the wee small hours of the night,| and three hours Tuesday morning. But this year willbe somewhat more compllated, as I shall have] to haul some stuff over to Main. I certainly will be able to leave by Thursday morning, first thing. Why not come up Wednesday--I can probably make it all right.

The dress has come--the jumper has not. I was going to send the dress home to have it hemmed, but decided to do it myself some time when I am wasting time talking, with hands folded. It is not a startling success, but will be all right,and it was not expensive.
Blether, I sort of thought I would like to have Miss A. (I had not thought of Miss McC, but I imagine the latter would be better) make me a gingham dress, and a plain shirtwaist dress, if I can't pick one up as I want it--also a ratinee jumperm made just like my old blue linen one at home. I know just what kind of ratinee I want--a bright color with a pattern in it--and I know I can find the material, but doubt if I could find one ready-made. It will be great for golf. That is all I see any sense in having) made. Must you engage thetime now? We know so little about when we will be home.


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403 Davison House
Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

Do you want to take Helen down to New York in the car? R. S. V. P. right away. We can do it, if you're willing--if we go Thursday. She has a Thursday morning exam. However, I imagine I'll be ready to leave before Thursday afternoon and so you would want to, too. What would you think of staying here an extra half-day and going over to Mohonk? I think you would enjoy it.

Otherwise I know nothing, except that I still have topic number three to do, and miles and miles of awfully unintelligible Browning reading.

Oh, yes. I got a note from Phyllis Harman yesterday asking me to go to Torrington, Conn, wherever that may be, to speak to the V. C. Alumnae Association, on something or other. She would tell me what when I came for instructions. I think it is about the Endowment work at college. They asked to have a speaker sent. I should enjoy the experience if it were at any other time of the year, but I certainly cannot afford the time right now, with work due next Wednesday as the lastpossible date,and volumes of work to do before exams. Moreover, I have many and various reasons for not caring to help the young lady out. Whnevar there is anything worth while to do under Speakers' Bureau, she takes it upon herself to do it herself, and leave all the uninteresting things to other people. Last week-end she was up in Lenox with her room-mate and fell out of a buggy, and seriously damaged the beauty of her face.


: vcl_Letters_Aaron_Fannie_1922-05_06_016_004
403 Davison House
Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

So now I guess she Is seriously inconvenienced by not being able to make the trip herself,and I happen to k ow that she asked a good many others to do it before she asked me. In view of these things, I certainly don't care to go.

Yours truly, the Cat.