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DeWitt, Nettie | to mother, [April 1892 or April 1893]:

VC Ex 1896
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[April 1892 or April 1893]
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(April 1893?)

Vassar College
Tuesday evening

My dearest Mother:—

It is just at the close of a most beautiful day. It has been simply perfect, warm and sunshiney all day and I have kept out of doors all I could. I forsee it Is going to be very hard to study now that the pleasant weather is coming on. Some of the girls found lovely blue violets near the tennis grounds this morning, but tho' Helen Gretchel ^[ex-96] and I looked all around we only succeeded in


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finding some tiny white ones.

Yesterday Nan and I went Into town and had a pleasant time as we always do together. We decided to stay to dinner at Smith's and feasted on eggs and toast (one order between us) and ice cream. Mrs. Potter and Marcia [ex-'95 j were on the car coming out. Mrs. P. likes it here very much better than she expected to. It seems Fred cannot
come. I am not surprised. I have not had any word from him but Marcia said today she had had a letter saying that that mail carried his regrets to Vassar. They will come tomorrow I presume the regrets I mean. She


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said he had so much work he couldn't get away very well and tho't it a pretty expensive trip etc. I don't believe Mrs. Potter expects to stay so long anyway as Founders. I don't know whether to try Allen or not. Founders comes on Friday and we have that day and the one before as Holidays so that we can go down to N.Y on a boat if we like and see the Naval Parade. I think its a splendid chance to ride down the Hudson and think Ill go if I can manage It. The girls Ethel Nan and Lou want me to go down with them Wednesday P.M. and stay until Friday and


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take a chaperone but that would be rather expensive and I think it would be just as well to go to Cousin Lisa's. Don't you think It would? I must get some thing to wear on my head feet and hands. Bess got a very pretty hat in N.Y. and a spring dress. I wish you were here to go with me and help me select something Have you any idea what I ought to have? All I know is that I must have a sailor. Yes I found my valuables all right. So far as I know now at least. I am feeling first rate and am sorry the people at home have not been well Hope they are much better now. My love to them all. Will drop a line later In the week. Yours lovingly

(Nettie (Brand) De Witt, ex-'96,)