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Adams, Ruth | to family, Mar. 1901:

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March 21, 1901

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Dear people:
I have a few minutes before German class so I will begin a letter to you. I am sorry I didn't get it off yesterday. About the blue stuff. I think it very pretty. What is the percaline for? Lining or waist? I don't quite understand. I think it matches very well however will such a dress do for the street? You know I want it long and trailing. Because I really feel out of place with shorter skirts for evening. I think your shirt waists are very pretty. I certainly think


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I had better get any shirt waists I need here. Florence insists that they make perfectly plain ones for .50 cents, but that doesn't seem possible. They have some very pretty ginghams here but I think I should get white. I shall need a pair of low shoes when I come home. A night gown perhaps, some corset covers, some stockings, and some handkerchiefs. I don't think of anything else. I shall bring home all kinds of things, for instance my


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904064003
pique skirt and the green shirt waist to have washed. Also the [grimpe] to the [clialie]. It is so dirty I can't wear it any more. Where do you sew when Grandpa is there? I think I shall bring the larger trunk home. Should you mind if I went into training for Field day for running? Of course there isn't the slightest chance of my getting in for the field day. But it is rather fun to have the training and exercise. A good many girls go in just for that. Cora and I are thinking some of doing


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it. We have to have permission from home for it. And I haven't said anything about it to the ? people yet. But they like to have as many as can do it. You can only eat certain things you know and have to go to bed at a certain time and take a certain amount of regular exercise out of doors. Last night Mrs. Kendrick talked to me about her trip in Mexico. She stopped here on her way to Europe. The Peltons came back yesterday too. How fast this week has gone by. lovingly Ruth