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Sylvester, Helen (Seymour) | to father, Mar. 10, 1866:

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March 10, 1866
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Vassar College
March 10th 1866

My dear father
I was very much delighted to get your letter and did
not think more of the V than of the letter though it came very accept-
ably. I did not knowfrom your letter when you intended to say Henry
was coming but Concluded that it must be about the 15th or 16th Ihope
the public will appreciate his capabilities for the office of Supervisor-
ship and testily it by electing him. I sympathise with you most sincerely
in the new bump you have received. Which one of your faculties is it
that has been so enlarged. Benevolence is'nt it? I do hope you wont
write on that wretched paper


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again, it is about as distressing to look at
as it must be to write on. We have had the most dreadful gale here from
Monday morning till Thursday night. I could hardly stand on my feet
when I went out to walk. It is a delightful day to-day though and quite
We are all very anxious for spring here for we have to walk an
hour every day no matter how disagreeable the weather is.
Last night Pres. Raymond read a part of "Midsummer Nights
Dream" before the Literary Society and the Professors and teachers
attended. He read splendidly and we all enjoyed it very much-
The other night we had another trial of the Organ and the Organist
and assistant organist of Trinity Chapel New York and several other


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organists played upon it -
I have commenced to study Physical Geography. We only have
one lecture a week and it is very interesting. I wish Henry would hurry
and come for I am getting rather tired and think a rest would do me good.
It has commenced to blow again, and I think it must be going to blow up
something - snow or rain- They are discussing the subject of badges
for our literary Society, some are In favour of rings and some want
pins - There is considerable electioneering going on about it-
Tuesday was the President's birthday, (he was 52)- and so we
got a basket of flowers for him and paid fifteen or sixteen dollars for it
for a present for him-
I have some lessons to get to-day and considerable more


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to do so must excuse me if I do not write a very long letter-
I have had a dreadful cold from the change of weather here Our
room has been so cold for the wind has kept the registers from drawing
and so I have kept getting more cold. It seems as if it never would be
Spring. Please write soon to me again and do not wait as you did before.
If your letters come during the week I always have to wait till Saturday
before I have time to answer you so you will get an answer sooner If you
write in the middle of the week then I will get it on Friday or Saturday -
Write soon to your
affectionate daughter
Helen Seymour.